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Raising Myotonics for the future


                                                                                     Any other breed is just a goat                                                        


Welcome to our little slice of heaven


"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."

                        Henry David Thoreau

Dan and I have spent a fantastic few years raising and showing this wonderful breed of goat.  We were successful in the ring and we owe a lot of that to some great mentors.  We dedicated ourselves to producing quality Myotonics that we felt best represented this landrace breed.  You can travel the country and you will find that depending on what region you are from, your Myotonics will look slightly different as the other breeds that have influenced it will vary slightly.  We prefer the more muscular 'Texas style' goat that was influenced by the Spanish breed and so that is what we raised here.  We are quite proud of what we have produced.  However, as life takes us in a new direction, we have decided that raising and showing belongs to some of the more younger, eager breeders out there.  So with that in mind, we have retired from the 'goat business', as it were.  We've loved most every minute of it and we've definitely enjoyed meeting some really fine people.  But for us, traveling, fishing, camping, trail riding....these are the things that are in store for us now.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased our stock.  I hope they do us proud and I hope they will improve your herd.  After all, that is the reason for breeding, is it not?  You may see us from time to time at a show...we do love our goat friends, as well as our goats.  We've sold all of our stock and we look forward to seeing what they do in the future.  

We appreciate y'all and we hope you have appreciated us  :-)

Dan and Pam









"You can make a small fortune in farming, provided you start with a large one."                      Author Unknown